Types of Loans Available

Commercial Land Loans

Land Star Funding works with a large number of private lenders to offer many types of commercial land loans on real estate projects throughout the country, including commercial bridge loans, raw land loans, land development loans, commercial construction loans, commercial property rehab loans, and even long-term financing.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Often, commercial land loans are in the form of a commercial bridge loan, whose terms can range from just a few weeks to as much as 5 years. Bridge loans are generally used in commercial real estate to enable a quick closing, allow the borrower to take advantage of an opportunity or avoid pending problems, and to arrange for longer term financing at the borrower's leisure. Land Star Funding helps arrange bridge loans in many types of situations such as raw land loans, land development loans, and commercial property rehab loans.

Raw Land Loans

Banks are very wary of lending on raw/undeveloped land because of the complexity involved in evaluating the project, geographical limitations and increased uncertainty and risk. Private lenders have a better ability to evaluate these factors and can provide funding for raw land purchases, refinancing or equity cash-outs. Terms and availability of raw land loans are property and project dependent, but raw land loans are generally tied to the value of the property and not the borrower's personal credit. Land Star Funding will let you know promptly what your options are.

Land Development Loans and Commercial Construction Loans

Land Star Funding can arrange for land development loans and commercial construction loans at the start of a project and also during the course of the development if funds are needed to complete the project. Land development loans and commercial construction loans are project dependent, and Land Star Funding can often arrange financing when banks are unwilling to provide it.

Commercial Property Rehab Loans

Purchasers of commercial properties such as shopping centers or apartment buildings often have a difficult time obtaining financing if the property is not in good condition. Land Star Funding helps obtain commercial rehab loans based on the after-repair value of the property. This allows the borrower to buy the property and make the repairs necessary to refinance or resell the property.

Permanent (Long Term) Financing

In addition to bridge loans, Land Star Funding can help borrowers acquire Permanent (Long Term) Financing for their property. If the proposed transaction qualifies for long term financing, this will typically be a borrower's best funding option. However, even if a deal does not qualify for long term financing at the present time, Land Star Funding can assist the borrower with obtaining long term financing after the bridge loan is completed.