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March 31, 2009 - we are making loans in Texas!

Private Hard Money for Commercial Income Property and Land (Texas only) Loans

Many commercial real estate transactions cannot be financed by traditional lending institutions like banks. Land Star Funding works with real estate investors and property owners who are seeking commercial land loans for real estate purchases, development or rehab projects, cash-outs, and refinancing. Each real estate financing transaction is unique, and we use our years of experience in working with a wide range of hard money and other private lenders to secure the best financing option for you.

Why Private Funding?

Conventional lenders like banks have strict underwriting guidelines for borrower credit, loan to value amount, and real estate value. Good deals often go unfunded because they do not squarely fit into the banks' standard deal sheets. Private lenders have more flexibility to evaluate deals on their own merits and can make loans in cases where banks cannot--such as raw land loans, land development loans and property rehab loans. Land Star Funding works with private investment groups, real estate hedge funds, REITs and others to offer more potential lending options for your deal.

What We Offer

Land Star Funding realizes that private funding situations are often on a short fuse. We will promptly gather the information needed to evaluate your individual deal and will work with the lenders to get a timely loan determination to you. Not every deal is workable, but we will diligently pursue a loan on your behalf--at the best terms possible--and will let you know as soon as possible what funding options are available to you.

Land Star Funding can help obtain financing for real estate located throughout the United States. Criteria for every deal and location varies, but generally loans from $300,000 to $100 million are available--whether in the form of a commercial bridge loan or long term financing.

Commercial Land Loans, Raw Land Loans and Land Development Loans

Land Star Funding assists borrowers in obtaining commercial land loans for all types of properties. Both raw land loans and land development loans are available--as well as loans for purchase or refinancing of developed property.


Loans in Texas from 300k to 5 million.


LAND: 35-50% LTV (borrower must have cash or high equity in land deals)

We buy notes (preferably discounted notes)

Loans on partially completed construction